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“This is the most helpful development in healthcare that I can remember in 35 years as a GP.”

Our approach

Patients who are healthy, confident and empowered through agency drive high value in healthcare and reduce the need for intervention. Similarly, clinicians who are empowered, informed and equipped with high-value, powerful tools achieve high-impact health improvement outcomes.

Digital health support for patients and clinicians is becoming utilised more frequently in healthcare but often lacks infrastructure behind them to reach their full potential and drive significant improvement of outcomes. In contrast to typical providers, we offer a comprehensive joined-up infrastructure for implementation on a population-wide scale. This adoption at scale, brings the benefit of standardisation, reducing variation and inequality through a sustainable digital behaviour change system, with reported successful outcomes.

“We have now been able to demonstrate clear improved asthma control and a reduction in healthcare utilisation and admissions” – NHS Consultant

“It’s really well thought out and covers a lot of really useful information – things I’d not considered myself and hadn’t been told by my GP.” – Patient

“This deserves every award it gets”- NHS Consultant

We work in two ways:


Our Services

Encouraging large-scale populations to adopt simple yet effective health-improving behaviours gives immense value. Nonetheless, motivating such a large and diverse population to embrace this poses significant challenges and often results in variation, especially when many variables are unknown. Only one percent of pilot studies eventually achieve scale outside of the initial controlled environment. 

As experts in population implementation and scaling, we work to ensure that adoption is successful at scale, reducing variation and ensuring value is realised in the healthcare system. 

The ICST system is built on scientific methodology in population and individual behaviour change. This is delivered and supported with a unique, award-winning digital infrastructure.

We do this in three ways:


Our Products

The ICST Virtual Health System is a joined-up digital support for patients and practitioners to adopt the practice that results in improved outcomes. It takes healthcare beyond the doors of the health services and into the patient’s own environment, 365 days a year, empowering them,  improving their well-being and health outcomes, resulting in a reduced demand on the health system.

Our Virtual Health System is composed of disease-specific toolkits that are ready to be introduced into healthcare systems. These toolkits have been proven to deliver positive outcomes.  

  • 36% of patients regularly using the ICST patient self-management apps reduce their visits to the GP. 44% of those with suboptimal control report reductions in GP visits.
  • 19% of patients regularly utilising the ICST self-management apps reduce their admissions to A&E. 33% of those with suboptimal control report reductions in A&E admissions.
  • Significant reduction in hospital stays, adverse events and deaths
  • 36% increase in the proportion of Asthmatic patients who do not use their reliever inhaler and a 19% decrease in patients who use their reliever inhaler more than 10 times per week. 

The toolkits are available as ready-to-go products. We can also work with you to create toolkits for your disease group. 

View our current product range here:

Our Impact

Unprecedented patient reported improvements in chronic disease management
Among all users of the respiratory apps 36% reduce their visits to the GP, and 19% admissions to A&E when they regularly use their app for more than six months…
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Your trusted partner, even at a time of crisis
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, governments and organisations turned to their trusted partners for support…
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The same system working in different environments
Following the successful implementation of the COVID recovery toolkit in NHS Wales, ICST were approached to partner with the Chinese University in Hong Kong to implement a COVID recovery innovation in their healthcare system…
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Rapid delivery of digital interventions in response to emerging obstacles
Rates of Tuberculosis (TB), and drug-resistant TB, in Ukraine is much higher than the UK. The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine prompted the arrival of refugees into the UK, but the UK faced public health concerns because the UK no longer routinely vaccinates against TB. An emergency response to rapidly identify and screen Ukrainian refugees for TB was needed…
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Implementing change in the real world
In order to change National audit data that has largely remained the same for decades, ICST were approached by the Royal College of Physicians and the NACAP audit team to develop and implement quality improvement in practice…
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