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Digital therapeutics have the potential to create a paradigm shift in healthcare. As experts in health, digital technology and implementing behaviour change in populations, we firmly believe in their power to improve patient outcomes. By harnessing the latest technology, we can deliver improved health outcomes for patients and increased efficiencies for healthcare providers.

Long-term health conditions and chronic diseases pose a significant challenge for healthcare providers, requiring more time and funding. With limited resources available, ICST recognised the need for a better way to deliver healthcare services without adding to the burden of healthcare providers. To address this challenge, we have developed digital toolkits for chronic diseases, featuring original content designed to help patients take control of their self-care and effectively manage their conditions.

Our innovative approach empowers patients to become experts in their own health…

60 %
Coverage of GP Practices that have patients using the toolkit
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App users say the app helps them manage their condition
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Decrease in A&E visits by app users​
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Decrease in GP visits by app users
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Our unique digital approach

From the beginning, our goal was to develop innovative digital toolkits that would empower patients and improve efficiencies for healthcare providers. To achieve this, we have joined patients, practitioners and commissioners with integrated digital therapeutics, enabling evidence-based priorities to be delivered with easily accessible multi-media information.

We focus on giving patients the agency to manage their health and achieve real, sustainable behavioural change through digital tools. Our suite of digital toolkits covers eight major chronic diseases and is designed to support large populations of healthcare professionals to identify the high-value care that matters.

Digital Therapeutics: Creating Expert Patients

Digital therapeutics allow patients to manage their conditions with the help of digital tools, as opposed to medication alone. They also provide healthcare providers access to patients outside the healthcare system.

Health of Expert Patients – More knowledgeable, skilled, and confident patients have better health outcomes. Our digital toolkits support patients in becoming experts in the everyday management of their conditions. They offer personalised digital action plans through apps, web apps, push notifications, and live events.

Care for Expert Patients – Our award-winning service provides frontline teams with a range of freely accessible digital innovations that align with local and national policies to improve patient care. 

Insights for Service Providers – Commissioners are provided with data, which helps them make informed decisions about service provision based on the uptake and engagement of the programme within their locality.

What We Offer:

Digital toolkits tailored to your population

Our digital toolkits provide patients with the necessary support to manage their health conditions effectively by doing the simple things that matter. Each toolkit is tailored to address a specific health condition and typically includes apps, notifications, guidelines, education, competencies, quality improvement projects and live virtual events.

patient-driven change

Patient-driven behaviour change

Our goal is to empower patients to adopt the right behaviours to optimise their health. We do this through improving health literacy and self-management skills, which are essential for creating expert patients. Digital therapeutics help patients become experts in managing their health by improving their understanding of their condition, and empowering them to adopt the right behaviours to optimise their health. 

Creating an Integrated System

88% of patients are introduced to our toolkits via their healthcare professionals, demonstrating that there is a value proposition for both patients and practitioners to adopt these digital toolkits. This is a marker of adoption at scale, and results in a sustainable solution.

Improvements for Patients – Patients have reported experiencing better wellness since using the toolkit. Specifically, app users have reported a 73% decrease in A&E visits and 50% decrease in GP visits since using the app. Additionally, patients can better manage their condition, as shown by a 53% decrease in patients who rely on their ‘rescue medications’ to stay well.

Improvements for Healthcare Professionals – Healthcare professionals feel informed, involved and engaged in healthcare improvements that empower their patients to stay well. Their engagement with the toolkits generates valuable data and insight that can inform policy decisions and future strategies. This ensures that policies are being implemented throughout the system, from policymakers to patients, so everyone can benefit from healthcare improvements.

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Offering Tailored Support:

Expert Consultancy & Development

Our toolkits are tailored to the needs and requirements of each healthcare system, and our dedicated Implementation Team can support you through every step of a project. As new toolkits are being developed all the time, if there is a condition you think will benefit from our approach we’d love to hear from you.

Benefits to Patients & Practitioners

Efficiency · Scale · Savings

Our approach to implementation ensures that the process is streamlined and frictionless, using the resources available. This approach optimises efficiency and enables scalable solutions with seamless execution. With our expertise and support, organisations can achieve significant cost savings and resource allocation efficiencies.

Benefits for Patients

Benefits for Practitioners

Delivering at Scale:

Population health management

Population impact can only be achieved when changes to health management occur on a large scale. Since our inception in 2014, ICST has been sought after for our expertise in delivering population health management, which has resulted in value-based healthcare for clients such as the NHS. Our extensive experience in developing and implementing digital therapeutics has made us thought leaders in the potential of patient empowerment to control their health outcomes.


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