Implementation Assessments

Assessing the feasibility of the implementation of your project

Most projects fail because they fail to be implemented

Typically, the reason for this can be found in the very early stages of the project, during the phase of scoping the landscape in which the product is being implemented
Preparing the project for the environment, and preparing the environment to adopt the project, is a critical part of the implementation process. During an implementation assessment, the ICST consultants work with the project team to optimise all factors of implementation and give it the best chance of success. 

What to expect from the process

Expect to work with members of our expert implementation consultancy team who follow a process to assess the feasibility of the implementation of your project, including: 

Step 1: Exploration

Working with the project team to understand the environment, and the project, to assess how compatible they are

Step 2: Analysis

Considering the factors of implementation that have been proven to improve the likelihood of success, in the context of your project and environment

Step 3: Report

An in-depth analysis of the project with clear guidance and advisories for optimisation