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These recent case studies demonstrate how our toolkits have helped patients take control of their health management, becoming experts in managing their everyday health conditions, and driving change in healthcare.

NHS Wales Respiratory Toolkit

Treatment and care for people with long-term chronic conditions impose a significant burden on the NHS. These long-term health issues, including respiratory disease, require ongoing management and support, straining healthcare resources, and are estimated to take up...

NHS Wales Liver Toolkit

To address the significant burden imposed by treatment and care for people with long-term chronic conditions, including liver disease, ICST partnered with NHS Wales to empower patients to take control of their health, creating expert patients who...

NHS Wales COVID Response

In March 2020, NHS Wales enlisted the expertise of ICST to establish standardised clinical practices for treating COVID-19 across the country. Given the limited evidence on managing the pandemic, it was crucial to create a flexible, nationwide approach that...

COVID Recovery in Hong Kong

The emergence of Long COVID in Hong Kong, as well as in other countries, highlighted the importance of providing patients with clear and accurate information to aid their recovery, especially in light of the lack of prior understanding, the evolving nature...

NACAP Quality Improvement Programmes

To address long-standing issues in national audit data, including misdiagnosis, Pulmonary Rehabilitation referrals, and Asthma deaths, ICST partnered with the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and the NACAP audit team...

NHS Wales Drug-Resistant TB Toolkit

High rates of Tuberculosis (TB), including drug-resistant TB, in Ukraine exceed those in the UK. The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine led to refugees arriving in the UK, raising public health concerns due to the absence of routine TB vaccination...

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