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Delivering Digital Therapeutics for Major Chronic Conditions

Our mission in the last ten years is to create toolkits that enable individuals across large populations to have better agency, better empowerment and more confidence when they navigate their health. Our digital therapeutics cover some of the major chronic conditions, and have been proven to improve patient wellness, reduce the patient’s need for unscheduled care and reduce expenditure of chronic diseases.

We empower patients to become expert patients, and empower healthcare professionals to support their patients to stay well.

Digital Therapeutics:

A suite of digital toolkits

Our digital toolkits support patients with chronic diseases to become experts in the everyday management of their conditions, offering personalised digital plans via apps, web apps, notifications, and live events. The toolkits also provide frontline healthcare professionals with a range of digital innovations, adhering to local and national policies to improve patient care.

patient-driven change
Creating Expert Patients:

Giving patients agency & control

Medical management of chronic conditions is well established, and published into guidelines. Our toolkits support patients in doing the simple things that have real medical value, helping them to become experts in the everyday management of their conditions. Expert patients have improved wellness and better outcomes, and have been proven to have fewer hospitalisations and length of stay.

Our Unique Approach:

Patient-driven behaviour change

We have developed an integrated suite of digital toolkits that support patients, practitioners, and commissioners. These toolkits provide comprehensive resources for some of the major chronic diseases, focusing on the high-value interventions that have the biggest impact to patient outcomes. 

Our toolkits are fully prepared to be implemented into healthcare systems, and have been shown to change the behaviour of patients and practitioners, producing positive patient outcomes consistent with the evidence-base, and are implemented on a population-wide scale. 

Our Digital Toolkits

Award-winning digital therapeutic toolkits deliver chronic disease management without additional burden on staff or resources. Frictionless deployment brings proactive self-management to patients, and increased efficiencies to healthcare providers.

Respiratory Toolkit

A strategy to improve the standards of respiratory care across a health system, ensuring that all patients receive high-value care, and all healthcare professionals understand how to optimise the care for their patients.

Cardiac Toolkit

Covering Ischaemic Heart Disease, Heart Failure, Arrhythmias, Valve Disease and Hypertension, this toolkit ensures that those affected by chronic heart disease understand how to self-manage their condition.

Liver Toolkit

To ensure that those affected by liver disease have timely access to high quality pathways of care, irrespective of where they live, and healthcare professionals have the confidence to detect liver disease early.

More Toolkits

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Improving Outcomes:

Recent outcomes & publications

Our digital therapeutic toolkits provide support for patients focusing on the high-value interventions that have the biggest impact to patient outcomes, and reduce the burden on the health system. Take a look at a selection of recent outcomes and publications to see the kind of difference they can make.

Chronic diseases are common and expensive

Globally, health systems are overburdened, understaffed and have limited financial resources, while populations are growing and living longer. Chronic diseases are estimated to kill almost 41 million people a year worldwide, making up seven out of ten deaths globally. Most solutions focus on increasing the size of the healthcare system, but this is limited by finite resources of staff and finance.

Challenge Health Systems Face:

Managing wellness and demand

Reducing the demands on the health system and improving patient wellness, by giving patients agency and empowerment to control and manage their own health, is considered to be ‘a Paradigm Shift in Healthcare’. But Adoption levels are crucial to effecting outcomes, even with high medical value low adoption will restrict any improvements.

Targeting behaviour change in patients is key to getting high levels of adoption. But the traditional approach, where practitioners impart the information to patients, is challenged to find extra time and resources.

Delivering at Scale:

Population health management

Population impact can only be achieved when changes to health management occur on a large scale. Since our inception in 2014, ICST has been sought after for our expertise in delivering population health management, which has resulted in value-based healthcare for clients such as the NHS. Our extensive experience in developing and implementing digital therapeutics has made us thought leaders in the potential of patient empowerment to control their health outcomes.

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Toolkit Case Studies

Discover toolkits in action

Our Case Studies demonstrate how our toolkits have helped patients take control of their health, becoming experts in managing their everyday health conditions. Take a look and discover how our innovative approach is helping to shape the future of healthcare.

Offering Tailored Support:

Expert Consultancy & Development

Our toolkits are tailored to the needs and requirements of each healthcare system, and our dedicated Implementation Team can support you through every step of a project. As new toolkits are being developed all the time, if there is a condition you think will benefit from our approach we’d love to hear from you.

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