Implementation Support

Supporting the entire Implementation Process

Most projects fail because they fail to be implemented

Most projects fail to be adopted because they are not implemented effectively. This is because traditional attitudes to implementation impede success whereas a scientific implementation methodology improves outcomes. ICST are experts in scientific implementation, applying a bespoke implementation framework that has been proven to successfully implement at scale and pace within healthcare. 

Our consulting service delivers implementation of projects at scale and pace based on expertise in implementation, implementation software, and knowledge transfer through its academy. 
During implementation support, the ICST consultants will work with the project team to optimise all factors of implementation and give it the best chance of success.

What to expect from the process

ICST has a team of implementation consultants who use their expertise, the bespoke implementation software and real-time outcome data to support you through every step of a project. The process is a continuous cycle of monitoring and evaluation of the project, for the lifecycle of the project, including:

Tracking progress

Continuous tracking of the implementation factors which have been scientifically proven to optimise implementation

Measuring impact

Ensuring the project is having the desired outcomes, appropriate to the phase of the project

Identifying areas for improvement

An in-depth analysis of the project with clear guidance and advisories for optimisation