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Our digital therapeutic toolkits provide support for patients promoting the type of behaviours that result in improved outcomes and reduce the burden on the health system. Here is a selection of recent outcomes, publications and awards demonstrating how the ICST Toolkits are transforming healthcare. 

“I’m enormously proud of what has been created. It shows what can really be achieved when true innovation is embraced, and I cannot underestimate the dedication and commitment of the team at ICST and Professor Chris Davies, without whose expertise none of this would have been possible.”

Dr Simon Barry, National Respiratory Clinical Lead, NHS Wales

Benefits to Patients

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Scale and Adoption

Benefiting millions of patients

Utilizing implementation science software (ISS) to successfully reach full implementation of an intervention at scale and pace

Full implementation at scale and pace is reached using implementation science software (ISS), outperforming traditional approaches by nine fold.

Published article from Dr Simon Barry, Respiratory Lead for Wales.

ICST digital programmes reduce the burden on frontline services. Among regular users of the ICST respiratory apps, 36% reduce their visits to the GP, and 19% reduce their admissions to A&E, following improved wellness scores.

Recovery and reset for respiratory: restoring and improving basic care for patients with lung disease

The respiratory apps are endorsed by Asthma UK and BLF (now Asthma + Lung UK), in their post-COVID report about restoring and improving basic care for patients with lung disease.

Press Release: People with asthma and COPD urged to download new NHS Wales apps to stay well this winter

Asthma UK endorse the respiratory apps in a press release – ‘Alone, breathless during lockdown – the app that offered hope and support.’

Wales primary care clinical audit report 2020

The 2021 NACAP Audit showed an increase in referrals to pulmonary rehab for patients with COPD in Wales, supported by the National Respiratory Toolkit.

NACAP audit 2021

As a trusted partner of the NHS during the COVID pandemic, ICST delivered high-quality digital toolkits in a matter of weeks to the healthcare professionals that needed it, when they needed it.

Protecting Our Health: Our response in Wales to the first phase of COVID-19

Detailing how ICST are supporting clinicians to provide the best, evidence-based care for their patients, The COVID toolkit was praised by the Chief Medical Officer in his 2021 “Protecting our Health” Report.

Chief Medical Officer of Wales

Evaluating The Implementation of A National COVID-19 Hospital Guideline In Wales

Implementation Science methodology results in positive outcomes when implementing a National Clinical Guideline to standardise the management of acute COVID-19 in Hospitals across Wales.

Authors: Rhys Jefferies, Mark Ponsford, Simon Barry

Adferiad (Recovery) long COVID programme

Minister for Health Eluned Morgan outlines the benefits the NHS Wales COVID Recovery app has brought to patients suffering from long COVID in her 2021 report on the Aferiad programme. The Long COVID app was a success of co-production with patients.

Published 15 June 2021

Class action: how we are improving the treatment of asthma by going into schools

The Respiratory apps improve the efficiency of consultations and promote shared decision making with healthcare professionals, a key principle of Value Based Care.

Dave Edwards, an independent prescriber speaks about how he uses the Asthmahub for Parents app in his consultations and in schools.
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