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Unprecedented public health outcomes in chronic disease management

Among all users of the respiratory apps 36% reduce their visits to the GP, and 19% admissions to A&E when they regularly use their app for more than six months. The same users reported an increased wellbeing score.


ICST delivers self-management apps for patients with long-term respiratory conditions, a wraparound toolkit for healthcare professionals, and a data dashboard for Commissioners on a national basis.

A world first

ICST supports the Liver Implementation Delivery Group (LDIG) to deliver the first national guideline for management of abnormal liver blood tests.  

Endorsed by the British Liver Trust and Royal College of General Practitioners, the guideline was coupled with a supporting education programme and data reports for commissioners.

A trusted partner, at a time of crisis

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, governments and organisations turned to their trusted partners for support. ICST rose to the challenge and delivered a series of innovations for our partners in NHS Wales. We applied our expertise in Emergency Implementation to ensure that it reached everyone who needed it with unprecedented efficiency, with data reporting back to senior decision makers in NHS Wales and Welsh Government.

The same system, working in different environments

Following the successful implementation of the COVID recovery toolkit in NHS Wales, ICST were approached to partner the Chinese University in Hong Kong to implement a COVID recovery innovation in their healthcare system.

Quickly delivering digital interventions in response to emerging obstacles

Rates of Tuberculosis (TB), and drug-resistant TB, in Ukraine is much higher than the UK. The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine prompted the arrival of refugees into the UK, but the UK faced public health concerns because the UK no longer routinely vaccinates against TB. An emergency response to rapidly identify and screen Ukrainian refugees for TB was needed.

Implementing change in the real world

In order to change National audit data that has largely remained the same for decades, ICST were approached by the Royal College of Physicians and the NACAP audit team to develop and implement quality improvement in practice.

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