A robust governance procedure

System and clinical governance

The environment in which we work in requires a robust governance procedure to ensure the safety of all users.
With the projects we implement, there are two categories of governance required. Below, you will find more information about our processes to mitigate any risks.

System governance:

Our technical team tests the innovations daily to ensure optimal functionality and that any errors spotted are resolved as soon as possible.

The apps and academies are updated regularly to improve its functionality.

The apps and academies have an uptime of more than 99.9%.

We have our own governance system, SIMPSI Govern, which ensures all records are held correctly, and anything that needs reviewing is reviewed within the window of time, and therefore nothing is missed.

Clinical governance:

We have regular review processes for our apps and academy to assess, control and mitigate any inherent clinical risks, and that they are updated regularly.

The process involves:

  1. Identification of the governance team, including the clinical lead and key members of ICST’s production team
  2. Outlining the Areas to govern, for example contributors, appropriate terminology, video topics, and listing the items in each area to consider
  3. Assigning each topic a governance level, i.e. who needs to be involved in the governance decision, and how regularly these items should be reviewed
  4. Achieving appropriate sign-off for each item, and ongoing review of the governance map

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