Case Study:

COVID Recovery in Hong Kong

The same system, working in different environments


The emergence of Long COVID in Hong Kong, as well as in other countries, highlighted the importance of providing patients with clear and accurate information to aid their recovery, especially in light of the lack of prior understanding, the evolving nature of the condition and frequent updates in guidance.

With a shortage of comprehensive solutions to address these needs, the School of Public Health at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, in collaboration with the Jockey Club, turned to ICST following the successful implementation of the COVID Recovery App in Wales. The objective was to replicate this effective model within the healthcare system in Hong Kong.


COVID Recovery

The bespoke Jockey Club COVID Recovery App and Webapp was developed and implemented in partnership with ICST, assisting users in working towards their recovery goals, and providing teaching resources and other important information for people living with Long COVID in the community.

Customising the app involved optimising it for the specific environment. For instance, in Hong Kong, the COVID Recovery app and webapp were translated into Cantonese, and Chinese Medicine advice was incorporated.

By using implementation science and individual behavioural science methodologies, this approach ensures seamless system installation without the need for additional resources or staffing. By practically supporting existing services, rather than imposing fundamental change, the toolkit minimises resistance, ensures sustainability, and achieves population-level reach and scalability.

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COVID Recovery Toolkit

A strategy to improve the standards of respiratory care across a health system, ensuring that all patients receive high-value care, and all healthcare professionals understand how to optimise the care for their patients.


COVID Recovery

Fully customised for a Hong Kong audience – The app and webapp were translated into Cantonese and all the videos were re-filmed by local healthcare professionals and university academics. The addition of advice which incorporates Chinese Medicine was important for this audience.

Smooth and rapid development

Despite developing this across continents and considerable time differences, and with Hong Kong in COVID lockdown, development of the app and webapp was rapid and without issues.

Data comparison between two countries

Data outputs from the app and webapp in Hong Kong are comparable to the outputs from the app in NHS Wales. This population data has never before been compared and will give real insight into the long-term effects of a global disease such as COVID-19.

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