Data from the Asthmahub app shows improvements in patients’ behaviour towards self-management

Data was analysed for all users who completed the in App 10-question Asthma Checker since its introduction in January 2022. (21 months)

The Asthma Checker consists of 10 questions evaluating users’ asthma control, including reliever inhaler usage, GP visits, A&E admissions, steroid prescriptions, and the RCP three-question validated tool. Those who get a green tick for all 10 questions are categorised as having ‘good’ control.


50% increase in the proportion of users classified as ‘good’ on their Asthma Checker.

The trend line displayed indicates a 50% increase in the proportion of users with 10 ticks, classed as ‘good’ control over a span of 21 months. Specifically, the trendline averages show an increase from 46% in January 2022 to 69% in September 2023 (n=286-843 users per month.)

Of note, the overall wellness of new users joining the system has remained unchanged since the introduction of the Asthma Checker. Upon initial sign-up, 99.9% of users receive a ‘Could be better’ result – i.e., below 10.


App data shows a 46% increase in the proportion of users who did not use their reliever inhaler during the month.


Patients who do not need to use their reliever inhaler indicates that their asthma symptoms are well-controlled or minimal.

The trend line shows a 46% increase in the proportion of users who did not use their reliever inhaler during the month. Trendline averages show a rise from 24% in January 2022 to 35% in October 2023. (n=260-844 users per month.)


App data also shows a 19% decrease in users who used their reliever inhaler more than 10 times per week.

High usage of reliever inhalers suggests poorly controlled asthma.

The trend line indicates a 20% reduction in users needing their reliever inhalers more than 10 times per week. The averages from January 2022 to October 2023 show a decrease from 15% to 12%. (n=260-844 users per month.)

Notes on this report and data

The App user population represents the general population of asthmatics in Wales. UK data indicates about 1.2% of asthmatics have an emergency admission to hospital.

It is acknowledged that the relationship between Asthma patients, use of the health system, use of the Asthma App and behaviour and wellbeing is complex. The data does not claim to simplify this landscape and we acknowledge different patient groups and user bias are amongst the limitations of this data. However, the App and associated system provides a mechanism to influence patient behaviour and to analyse outcomes.

With further work, the ICST system is able to segment data sets/subgroups and give a more precise view of asthma patients in Wales in terms of their behaviour and wellness.


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