Implementation with ICST

Implementing with ICST delivers outcomes

What is implementation science?

Implementation science is a systematic approach that enables the adoption of interventions in large populations.

This is seldom achieved in healthcare.

Passive Implementation

(without scientific methodology)

Research indicates that it takes approximately 17 years for evidence to be adopted into practice, with only a 14% success rate. Variation in adoption often occurs due to failure of implementation at scale.

Active Implementation

(with scientific methodology)

When applying an implementation science methodology, the time taken for adopting evidence into practice can be reduced to 2-4 years, with an 80% success rate

ICST’s Implementation Methodology

Our implementation science system can optimise this to over 95% success, achieving full implementation as quickly as months.

How we implement

Our implementation framework has been proven to successfully implement at scale and pace within healthcare*. This has been achieved, after years of close partnership, with the NHS and other international partners.
The effectiveness of our framework means that implementation on a large scale can be successful. This is most effective if it is run through an established implementation infrastructure, ensuring the channels for implementation are clear and navigable. 

Our consulting service delivers implementation of projects at scale and pace based on expertise in implementation, implementation software, and knowledge transfer through its academy. This service sets us apart from traditional approaches.

 *Jefferies R, Davies C, Barry S40.  Utilizing implementation science software (ISS) to successfully reach full implementation of an intervention at scale and paceBMJ Evidence-Based Medicine 2022;27:A2-A3.

Our products and services


Assessing the implementation feasibility of your project.


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