Digital Technologies

Delivering implementation through digital technology

We live in a digital world

Many industries have benefited from prolific digitalisation, and whilst developing digital innovations for healthcare isn’t novel, in 2016 only 2% of patients in the UK reported any digitally enabled transaction with the NHS (Nuffield Health, 2016).

We implement healthcare solutions in the real world, and digital innovations are part of the real world.

Listed below are some digital solutions that we use, and why we use them.


All our products are patient centred, featuring a suite of apps for patients to access important information about their condition and empowering them to manage their condition at home.

Web Apps

The apps are available on mobile devices, and also via web browser to improve their accessibility for those who find it difficult to navigate a mobile device.


For healthcare professionals, with important messages presented in a simple and accessible way.

TV Channel is a healthcare tv app for healthcare professionals, enabling them to view educational videos on the go.

Video production

With an in-house film studio and creative suite, we produce the majority of our educational content for patients and healthcare professionals, ensuring maximum efficiency for content creation.


As part of some projects, ICST create animations to ensure important messages are delivered in a way that is quick, digestible, and enjoyable to watch.

Data dashboards

High quality data delivered in a timely fashion is key to good decision making. Our dashboards allow this to happen and generate reports.

Social Media

Events, app/platform updates and new videos are communicated to users through social media to reach a wide audience in different demographics, ensuring that everyone benefits.

Virtual events

ICST host virtual events for patients and healthcare professionals to connect them with the experts and help them navigate the digital solutions, improving digital literacy and confidence in self-management.