About Us

A unique digital healthcare system that delivers outcomes

A trusted partner that delivers outcomes

ICST has partnered with the NHS since 2016, and our ability to scale and standardise healthcare has proved highly effective across many disease groups. The ICST Virtual Health System is comprised of disease-specific toolkits.

This includes Respiratory, Liver, Headache and Tracheostomy digital toolkits, benefiting tens of thousands of healthcare professionals and patients. 

The toolkits are structured into three layers: 

Patient Self-Management – It is widely recognised that expert patients have better outcomes; providing patients and their carers with the knowledge and understanding to manage their condition leads to patient empowerment and better-informed patient/ clinician decision-making.

Healthcare professional engagement – Busy healthcare professionals value support to focus on doing the simple, high-value things that have the most impact. It is recognised that educating healthcare professionals is the cornerstone to good respiratory care, improving patient experience and outcomes.

Commissioner Reporting – Reporting on uptake and engagement of all organisations/ departments across the nation, and regular reports evidencing impact and clinical outcomes at the patient population level, helping to inform service provision, as well as data on healthcare professional engagement and activity.

ICST uses implementation science methodologies supported by specialist implementation software to successfully deploy the toolkit on a comprehensive scale, revolutionising the way it is implemented across an entire population. The framework makes Implementation Science simple and accessible to everyone. Supported by an expert implementation team at ICST who help achieve nationwide adoption.

ICST is built on three core values


Our values are at the core of each decision we make and help us deliver where it matters most. We are proud to be trusted partners to many organisations, working efficiently and achieving outcomes at a scale and pace that outperforms traditional approaches


The 3 pillars of our success


Implementation Science

Implementation science methodology results in better outcomes across a population. At ICST, we use this methodology to implement projects at scale and pace, giving better reach and reducing variation. This is seldom achieved in healthcare.

Digital Healthcare Technology

We live in a digital world. Digital innovations are normal in our everyday lives. ICST uses digital technology to implement healthcare solutions in the real world. 


Value and Quality in Healthcare

The principles of value and quality in healthcare are core to our delivery. Delivering quality improvement solutions that fully align to the principles of value based healthcare ensures outcomes that have impact where it matters.