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Overview of the services offered by ICST

Failure to implement, is failure

Most projects fail because they fail to be implemented. This is because traditional approaches are adopted rather than proven scientific implementation methodology. 
ICST are experts in scientific implementation in healthcare. The implementation consultants utilise digital software to continuously analyse projects, offer advice to project teams to optimise the implementation, and ultimately achieve implementation success with our partners. 
This is a really efficient methodology of delivery, and our services ensure that commissioners are supported throughout. 

What services do we offer?

ICST has a team of implementation consultants who use their expertise, the bespoke implementation software and real-time outcome data to support you through every step of a project. 
From analysing a project during the early phases to ensure that it is fully optimised for implementation, to supporting a project through the entire life-cycle of the successful implementation of a project, and even training your team in the skills of formal implementation to leave a sustainable impact in your organisation.

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Implementation Assessments

Assessing the feasibility of the implementation of a project in the early phases, and offer advice and guidance to ensure the project has the best chance of success across large, uncontrolled environments.

Implementation Support

Supporting projects teams throughout the process of implementation, to analyse the factors of implementation and overcome barriers as they emerge, to ensure the project has the best chance of success from start to finish.
Implementation Training

Training teams to learn the skills of formal implementation, empowering them to achieve success across all future implementations and making sustainable impact.

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